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The Most Important Thing

This semester I created a new midterm assignment for my students: The Most Important Thing. The assignment asked them to explore the most important thing they had learned so far in the course. They could do it in essay form, but I encouraged students to consider also […]

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In Praise of Ridiculousness

I spent a ridiculous amount of time revising the syllabi for my three courses. I did this during the time between New Years and the start of classes, a time that I had earmarked for writing a conference paper that is due next week, a […]

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The Big Questions: Closing the Loop

This morning I had a meeting with Greg & Nick from Revolution Labs, a Milwaukee pre-seed accelerator that supports entrepreneurship in Milwaukee’s central city. The conversation traveled between shared interests, passions, and concerns. At one point, the conversation turned to The Big Questions. And, you […]

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Turning a Lecture into a Game

Despite disliking the “-acation” of verbs, I’m really interested in gamification — the use of game elements in other areas, such as education. Reading Jane McGonigal’s Reality is Broken helped me to connect some of my own interests in gaming, teaching, and being a mom. I’ve […]

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Facebook Pages for Classes

I really like creating Facebook pages for all of my classes. I have to thank UWM’s Learning Technology Center for offering a pilot project in 2010 on the use of social media, because that was what got me started on this path. The website edcetera […]

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