Facebook Pages for Classes

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Social Media, Teaching

I really like creating Facebook pages for all of my classes. I have to thank UWM’s Learning Technology Center for offering a pilot project in 2010 on the use of social media, because that was what got me started on this path.

The website edcetera talked to me about how I use Facebook with my classes for this piece: How to Use Facebook in the Classroom

What is most pleasurable about using Facebook is the opportunity to bring students into the intellectual world surrounding our topic. When I taught an Honors Seminar on Cyborg Literature in Fall 2012, I came across an article connecting to the issues of our class almost daily. That page is here: Cyborg Literature Facebook Page Fall 2012.

I keep the pages up, and find myself sometimes returning to them to look for a specific essay, or to remember something that a student shared.

[Photo: “Vintage Ad #2,139: You Too Can Play the Game” by Jamie, Licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0]

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